Stian is a landscape and travel photographer based in Athens, Greece. Since early 2011, he has focused his attention towards mastering motion controlled, ultra high resolution timelapse photography.

The timelapse technique involves compiling still pictures into video. Because of the ever increasing megapixel count of cameras today, timelapse sequences will be extremely detailed due to the high resolution. Some cameras even exceed the 8k video standard, which screen manufacturers have barely started producing. Most of Stian’s work is however optimized for UHD / 4k and this has led to his work being used by major electronics manufacturers like LG, Toshiba, Samsung, HiSense, Prysm and CSOT to demonstrate their UHD screens in retail outlets and at trade shows worldwide.

Stian provides still images as well as video and timelapse footage for licensing. In the past, he has supplied contents to a number of well known brands and media outlets including National Geographic, Lonely Planet, BBC, NBC, Sony, Epson, Rolls Royce, Icelandair and more. If you are interested in licensing his work for commercial purposes, please get in touch with a description of your project for a quote.