Over the years, Stian’s work has been featured in a number of advertising campaigns and documentaries, as well as on the websites of well known brands and businesses. He has also been interviewed by many publications and media outlets.

Here are links to a few of them:

Interview about my ‘Athens’-video in Greece Is,
a subsidiary of the greek Kαθημερινή newspaper.
(English – June 9th, 2016)

Q and A feature at 500px about ‘Encounters’
Stian’s northern lights video from 2014.
(English – May 26th, 2014)

Article by NRK, the norwegian government broadcaster,
about video made in connection with the 2015 Tall Ships Races in Ålesund, Norway.
(Norwegian – December 7th, 2013)

National Geographic interview about ‘Elemental Iceland’,
the timelapse short from my first trip to Iceland.
(English – October 8, 2013)

Stian’s work featured on TV2’s evening news
Norwegian national broadcaster.
(Norwegian – April 5th, 2013)

Article in Sunnmørsposten, a norwegian regional paper,
about Stian and his ‘LYS:Ålesund’-video.
(Norwegian – January 16th, 2013)

Aalesund on a 77-inch LG OLED TV

Oia on a 77-inch LG OLED TV